There are basically four main differences between Postal Boxes and Ecommerce Packaging: delivery, speed, flexibility and unboxing. In this article, address all of those differences and describe why – whether as an independent online retailer on Etsy or a huge international shipping company in high volumes – Ecommerce Packaging may be the solution for your business. It’s also the ideal way to send a parcel to someone overseas without any additional costs, and it can save you money over buying a ready-made box from your local post office.


The postal boxes are designed to hold parcels cardboard boxes. They’re traditionally made of thick cardboard, but new technology and a greater desire for customization have seen them go plastic. Postage rates have been kept at the current price of around 50p for a letter-size envelope, so even with larger sizes it’s still not cost-effective to buy pre-printed mailing boxes from your local post office. An envelope needs to be heavy enough to withstand the stress of being opened, but it needs to be thin enough to allow for the signature and billing. Post offices don’t always stock such mail because they can be damaged easily. Instead, you may have to visit your local post office and collect your parcel in a carrier-drawn truck.


Postage costs can really add up if you want lots of packages, particularly if you use the same services for domestic and international mailings. That’s why shopping online allows you to purchase smaller packages of goods in bulk. But the real savings start when you get to the point where you have several smaller packages, and you want to keep them all organized neatly in your postal boxes. This is where the adhesive lids for your packages really come into their own. By sealing the lid closed with your own double-sided tape, you can label each individual box so that you know exactly what will be inside before you even open it.


There are also foam lined mailing boxes and plastic ones, but the real savings comes with wooden or metal rigid foam mailing boxes or rigid foam lined boxes. These products don’t have the loose fill that non-lined boxes have, which means that you don’t have to use any adhesive to seal each individual item either. And you can purchase these rigid foam lined boxes customised for your company name, logo and address as well. You may not want to use this option if you have many different items to put into your mailing boxes because then you end up losing space. If you think about it though, there are probably quite a few pieces of mail stacked in your home already. In this case, it might make more sense to opt for the customised options and save yourself some time.


Choosing between different sizes for your mailing box is an important decision to make too. It’s best to go with the largest size possible, because this makes it easier to fit all your correspondence in the box, but you’ll get a lower cost per piece of mail sent with it. You can find standard sizes as well as special sizes such as extra large, but larger sizes will require some specialisation on your behalf. For example, you might need special boxes for frumpy envelopes, but if you wanted flat mail you could go with the oversized variety instead.


Another important factor to consider when choosing between postal boxes is how easy they are to post. Post offices are very picky about how fast and easily mail can be delivered. For this reason, you want to get something that can be signed for and left with the post office before it gets to its destination. Ask the salesperson at the post office for a breakdown of how long different sizes take to arrive, and choose the one that is going to be the quickest and easiest to send your mail in with.

Choosing Between Different Sizes of Postal Boxes

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